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At K'9 Designz our number one concern is always our furry friends safety and well being. We offer a relaxed, safe, calm atmosphere at all times. K9 and their feline friends are always welcome. We do not use heat to dry pets off. Please continue reading this article...

Pet owners know that grooming is money well spent. Having your beloved pets looking crisp and new, dog grooming leads to better health and a happier dog.

Do not attempt to groom your dog yourself. Dog grooming is quite a specialized skill and those who practice it train for quite a while. Attempting to groom your dog yourself can result in cuts and injuries to your pet as well as nasty bites and scratches to you. It can also result in your dog receiving a very bad cut and looking quite awful for quite sometime.

A piece of advice is to check out the professional dog groomer. A good dog groomer can make the difference between your pet enjoying the experience or suffering psychological damage., they should be able to find a cut suitable for your pet and administer it with a minimal amount of stress.

Grooming your dog not only makes them look good, it gets rid of knots and matted fur that can cause discomfort. There are also opportunities to have skin and nail treatments. As long as this is done by a professional, then it can be very healthy to groom your dog.


Professional Dog Grooming Services:

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K'9 Designz is located # 105 1295 12 Street (Click on link for Google map) and our phone number is 250-554-9217