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Meet Our Staff

Sherry Indelicato : Owner / Manager

Sherry Indelicato

Owner / Manager

Well, here I am over 20 years later and I can honestly say I am still blessed to be in love with my career. I have a successful salon that I have owned and managed for the last 10 years. The reason behind our success has always been and will always be my amazing talented staff and our loyal amazing clients .

Even though I don’t groom much any more, I still very much get to enjoy my craft by teaching students and supervising apprentices. It takes me back to the basics and when a student is learning and really excited, it truly reminds me of why I am where I am today.

I would like to thank all past , present and future clients for entrusting us with the safety and care of their beloved fur babies. K'9 Designz mission statement has and will always be SAFETY, AND GROOMING FOR QUALITY, NOT QUANTITY


Michelle Rudkin : Head Senior Groomer

Michelle Rudkin

Head Senior Groomer

Hello !! my name is Michelle Rudkin. Some refer to me as Mich.

I have been working with the dog industry for over 25 years . Starting with Dog Obedience , Kennel Management, then to the beginning of my Dog Grooming career.

I love the creative fascinating journey my dog grooming career has taken me on so far. Sherry and I have been working together for 10 years and I have been by her side at K'9 Designz for the past 8 years.

I would like to take a moment and thank all our loyal, dedicated, fun loving doggy clients. Bless all that have passed and welcome all future furry friends.


Karly Harel : Senior Groomer

Karly Harel

Senior Groomer

My name is Karly Harel.

When I was 18 and fresh out of high school, I tried grooming my own pets with a dull pair of hair clippers, unsuccessfully. It was then I decided that grooming was my future career and started schooling at JKL, graduating with honours and finishing with an apprenticeship shortly after. 10 years have flown by, and the love of animals and sculpture have never faded. Who wouldn't love working with animals all day!

I recently got married and started a little family, having to leave K'9 Designz for many months for my 1st born. When I returned, it felt like I hadn't missed a beat. With a large, calm, work atmosphere, and a great boss and co-workers, I couldn't imagine being a part of any other salon. Thank you K'9 Designz for being awesome and having me on board for the pet pampering!


Julia Atkinson : Senior Groomer

Julia Atkinson

Senior Groomer

In the year of 2014 I went through a series of life changes, one being hospitalized for 10 days due to an unexpected illness. After months of recovery I decided to embark on a new path in my life, and chose to study in a career that is defined by two of my loves: dogs and creativity.
I began training with Sherry in September of 2014. Grooming is so much more than I expected. Before I began I did not realize the skill levels a person needed to groom well, not to mention safety practices to keep both dog and groomer safe. I did however enjoy pet grooming as much as I thought I would.
Currently I am apprenticing under Loralyn and Sherry and thoroughly enjoying every minute of it! K'9 Designz is a wonderful environment to learn in, with all of the groomers being supportive and  a wealth of knowledge to learn from. What a fantastic place to work in and what a wonderful career to have!